My payment method for my recurring membership was declined. Am I getting this Sabbat’s box?

There are many reasons as to why your payment could be declined. If your payment method is declined, you will receive an email from to inform you with the possible reason for the decline. Please log into your account and add a valid form of payment.

Please note: our system will attempt to recharge your card after one day. If that 2nd payment attempt is declined, then your subscription will be cancelled. 

You are welcome to "sign back up" to re-enroll with Sabbat Box again.

Note: if your subscription was cancelled and you happen to re-enroll, the day you re-enroll will now be the day your membership starts and you will be re-billed from that day forward according to the plan you chose when you re-enrolled. We are not able to back date members who are cancelled and re-enroll in order to receive a particular box, so be sure to check the shipping schedule & cutoff dates when you enroll or re-enroll. 

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