Winter Solstice/Yule - Sabbat Box Theme Release

Yule Winter Solstice Sabbat Box Theme - A Mystic's Winter


As the mundane calendar year starts to count down, the Pagan year—beginning at Samhain—is just getting under way. The Winter Solstice, also known as Yule, is the first important milestone of this new Pagan year calendar, and in harsher times, often the most worrisome. The Pagans of old faced the shortest day of the year--the winter solstice--worried if the previous season's crops would last until spring, but came together to remind each other that even the very next day would be longer and the promise of spring was not far off. How? By celebrating the re-birth of the God, the baby who would grow and mature like the bulbs of flowers that would soon emerge from the frozen ground, with feasts and songs and light. Light that shone against the longest night.

So what is a mystic's winter? A mystic's winter is about finding and embracing the magic and beauty of winter season. A mystic may find beauty in the white of the freshly fallen snow, and drawing in the powers that be, on a cold winter's day. A mystic may find beauty within the longer, darker nights, by embracing the shadows cast by the dark of the night and light of the moon. A mystic will embrace the winter and use it to his or her advantage, calling upon all that still manifests during the season to bring about their desires. As mother nature humbles herself before us all, with her trees leafless and naked, the mystic will use this time to contemplate, reflect and heal during this time of transition, much similar to that of the land in which the mystic draws their power from. 

Our goal with the Yule Sabbat Box is to provide you items that will allow you to capture the magick of the winter season, as well as add a few unique items into your magickal practice that you may not have thought to use before. The items that will be featured inside are also there to help you draw in inspiration from the season and hopefully inspire your inner mystic to work with the season of darkness and change.

Yule Winter Solstice Sabbat Box Theme - A Mystics Winter
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