I canceled my membership. Can I get a refund?

Canceling your membership simply ensures that you will no longer be "re-billed" again for the Sabbat Box plan you signed up for. If you cancel your membership, you will still receive the box(es) you have paid for. You can cancel at any time.

Example Regarding Refunds/Cancellations:
Say you sign up for a Litha Box on June 1st and lets say the cutoff date for the Litha Box is June 10th. Upon sign up, the initial payment we charge is applied towards your Litha Box. If you cancel on June 10th, you will still be receiving the box you paid for; you just won’t be rebilled for any future boxes.

If you have a multiple-box membership--a “Half Wheel” or “Wheel of the Year” plan--you will also receive the remaining boxes owed to you that you have paid for.

If you wish to receive a refund for unshipped boxes, you can do so before the next cutoff date. Contact us directly at orders@sabbatbox.com or via any of our contact forms provided on the Sabbat Box website or in our knowledge base/FAQ's. Please include your name and email for us to access your account.  

Please note:
If the order cutoff time for a particular Sabbat Box has passed, you may not be able to receive a refund, as your membership payment has been applied to the costs of acquiring the supplies needed for that box. We will make determinations if we can refund you partially or fully on a case-by-case basis, just contact us with any questions and we will be happy to help.

Please become acquainted with our shipping schedule & cutoff dates as these are integral to the nature of how Sabbat Box works and will tie into refunds and cancellation eligiblity.

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