When I join, how often am I charged?

Sabbat Box’s deliveries are centered around the eight sabbats popular among most neopagans: Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lammas (or Lughnasadh), and Mabon. As such, each member of Sabbat Box has the option of paying “Sabbat to Sabbat”, which is charged eight times per year (approximately every 45 days), or—for added convenience—the “Half-Wheel” plan, charged twice a year, or the “Wheel of the Year” plan, charged once a year. Each membership is automatically recurring, and can be cancelled at any time.

Here’s an example: Hazel joins Sabbat Box on March 21st under the “Sabbat to Sabbat” plan, which ensures she’ll be getting a box shipped to her around April 17th, just in time for Beltane. She would then be rebilled on May 5th (45 days later), which will reserve her Litha Sabbat Box when they are shipped out around June 8th.

See our Shipping Schedule to know when you will receive your first Sabbat Box as well as subsequent Sabbat Boxes There After. 

Q: Why is my membership set to renew every 45 days? Why not just every 30 days?

A: Most subscription box services are sent on a "monthly" basis. Sabbat Box differs because our members do not receive a box every month, instead members receive a box each Sabbat. Each year, there are 8 Sabbats and those sabbats occur roughly "45" days apart. So we implemented a recurring 45 day billing system that will allow you to only have to pay for your box every 45 days, which corresponds to each Sabbat.

Half Wheel Members: If you subscribe to a half wheel membership, your membership is renewed every 6 months. Half wheel members pay for 4 subscription boxes up front. Depending on when 

Wheel of the Year Members: If you subscribe to a "Wheel of the Year" membership, your membership is renewed one year from the day you origionally signed up. You will receive a years worth of Sabbat Boxes (a total of 8 boxes).

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